Preferences: how to elect me (and others that you like)

What are preferences in voting?

There are 8 candidates (in this election) for 3 positions in West Ward.

Basically, it’s a way for your vote to benefit your first choice of candidate (me!), but also other candidates that you like, to allow them to be elected to one of the other 2 Councillor positions in the Ward.

If you want the long story, here’s the official explanation.

However, there’s a better explanation here.

Macedon Ranges Council elections, electing 3 Councillors for each of 3 wards (9 in total), is a ‘proportionally represented’ election, and uses ‘full preferential’ voting.

You have to number every box for your vote to be counted, for it not be discarded as an ‘informal’ vote.

( “1” on its own won’t work, an “X” or “√” won’t work, putting any number fewer than the full 1-8 in won’t work)

If you would like me (and those similar to me) to be elected, I recommend that you follow my ‘How to vote’ card below:


Those who I have indicated should be voted for immediately after me I think have the best chance of forming a council that is responsive to community needs and desires. Look at the candidates’ own published material (many have FaceBook or web pages, or you will have seen their ads and flyers) and see if you agree with me, or read their candidate statements on the VEC website. However, it is up to you how you cast your ballot; you may choose a slightly or completely different order to your preferences.