Preferences: how to elect me (and others that you like)

What are preferences in voting?

Basically, it’s a way for your vote to benefit your first choice of candidate (me!), but also other candidates that you like, to allow them to be elected to one of the other 2 Councillor positions in the Ward.

If you want the long story, here’s the official explanation.

Macedon Ranges Council elections, electing 3 Councillors for each of 3 wards (9 in total) (see this map for which ward – and state and federal electorates– you are in) are based on the proportional system of voting, meaning most candidates do not obtain enough votes to get elected outright, so get elected based on the preference flows from candidates that do not get elected.

Do not think your favorite candidate will get elected without your number one. Every vote counts. Make sure you vote in the true order of your preference for candidates to be elected.

You have to number every box for your vote to be counted. If you don’t, it will be discarded and not counted: an ‘informal’ vote.

( “1” on its own won’t work, an “X” or “√” won’t work, putting any number fewer than the full 1- 8 for West Ward’s candidates won’t work. Please don’t vote for anyone not on the ballot paper. Mickey Mouse is not standing as a candidate in these elections.)

If you would like me (and those similar to me) to be elected, I recommend that you give me a call once nominations are closed on Tuesday 22nd September if you would like to know my thoughts on the other candidates. I will not be posting a preference list publicly as I believe everyone should do their own research and determine the right candidates for them.

Look at the candidates’ own published material (many have Facebook or web pages, or you will have seen their ads and flyers) and see if you agree with what they advocate for or have enough information to know what they stand for. More information will be published on the VEC website as it becomes available. Most Councillors are elected on the basis of preferences, so who you vote for as number 2, 3, 4 and so on makes a big difference, and can be almost as important as your number one vote. If you have a preferred candidate above me I would love to talk to you to either convince you otherwise, or at least to consider putting me in your number 2 vote spot.

If a candidate has been on council in the past, you can look up prior recordings of council meetings online to see their demeanour in the council chamber, and what they have voted for and against in the past, and why. Otherwise ring and ask them how they voted on certain things that are important to you.

Talk to trusted friends and ask them their opinion and why they think that way.

Get as much information as you can so you can make your vote count.