2020: same as 2016?

For the third time, I have decided to stand in the upcoming elections. I now have an even better idea about what is involved in work as a Councillor, and am well-practised in the ins and outs of how things work. Would I have done it eight years ago if I had known what was involved? That’s a hard question to answer, as it’s not a light workload if you do the work required to do the job well. However, it’s a worthwhile thing to work hard at, and has direct benefits in making where we live better than it might be were it just up to administrators and disinterested bureaucrats and politicians who are distant from local issues and concerns. I’ve been privileged to meet many interesting and public-spirited people intent on helping others to live well in their local area, and have been happy to aid and assist them in any way that I can in my time as a Councillor. I hope that I can continue to do this if you vote me in once more.


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