Jennifer Anderson for West Ward

Hello, I’m Jennifer Anderson

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I’m an independent candidate for the 2016 Macedon Ranges Shire Council elections, in West Ward, which takes in Kyneton, Woodend, Malmsbury and Tylden, along with Lauriston, Ashbourne, Spring Hill, parts of East Trentham – generally the north-western and western part of the Shire.This is the second time I have run for election, and hope that you will vote for me once more.

I work part time as a General Medical Practitioner, and at The Royal Children’s Hospital. I’ve also worked in local medical practices, and enjoy and am challenged by keeping those that I see in good health and spirits.

During the Macedon Ranges Settlement Strategy consultation process in 2011-12, I met people of many different backgrounds and ages, who have lived here for a short or a long time, all wishing to take part in their towns’ and surrounding areas’ development. It made me realize how important it is for a Council to consult and listen to the people of the Shire.

Mainly as a result of this, I ran for election in 2012, and was elected on primary votes. I have spent the last 4 years coming to grips with how Council works, and how to achieve the best results for the people that elected me and residents of West Ward and the shire in general. I’ve achieved things that I’m proud of, that reflect community wishes and needs, and gained many skills and much experience. Not only directly as a Councillor, but as a representative on state-wide bodies, such as the Peri-Urban Group of Rural Councils, of which I am currently chair, The Mayors’ Ministerial Advisory Panel during my term as Mayor in 2014-15, and representative to the Municipal Association of Victoria Environment Committee and Planning Committee, and have been on various Victorian Local Government Association working parties. These bodies have important effects on how things in our Shire happen, and can have important influence on state and even the national government policy for local government.  I’m a current councillor delegate of the MRSC Audit Committee and also the Heritage Council.

One of my most valuable pieces of professional development in this time was graduating from the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Company Directors course, during which I learnt about the governance of large organizations, in both the private and the public sphere. It has helped me in understanding and getting the most from my encounters with governmental and external bodies that the Shire has dealings with. It has also helped me understand how general corporate governance standards relate to internal Shire processes.

Amongst other things I’m keen on are: sustainable transport, local industry and produce, and tourism that recognises and enhances the uniqueness and beauty of the area we are fortunate to be part of, and live in.

Like you, I do not want Macedon Ranges to become an outer suburb of Melbourne. Development must be in keeping with our community values, so that the Macedon Ranges remain a beautiful and enjoyable place to live, work and visit for generations to come.

Vote for me in October!

[ 1 ]  Anderson, Jennifer

Call me on 0417 112 582 to discuss what you would like to see happen in the Shire.

Ask me written questions at, or send comments to:

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